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NFS Unbound


Associate Level Designer - Pre-Alpha to Launch

  • Designed & authored racing events throughout the open world to meet design direction of pacing, intensiveness and uniqueness.

  • Prototyped and designed one of the games' unique signature modes- Takeover in collaboration with the Lead Level Designer

  • Designed and created a uniform checkpoint and chevron language for all designers to use in event creation to ensure player direction was consistent through all races.

  • Authored navmesh throughout the level for AI to understand where they could move but also what speeds they could drive along certain terrain.

  • Authored splines and AI path points throughout race events to ensure that they'd take sharp or wide corners, or take jumps and shortcuts throughout a race.

  • Held design review sessions of events and modes to identify next steps in iteration and receive feedback from peers and directors.

  • Collaborated with world art and engineering closely to design playspaces and game modes that would fit within the franchise.

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