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Battlefield 2042

Live Service

Game Designer II for Core Gameplay - Year 2

  • Worked on all features within the Core Gameplay Group both on paper and in engine. Classes, Weapons, Characters, Gadgets, Vehicles, systems (revive, parachute, melee systems), HUD, deploy flow. 

  • Prototyping design ideas, weaponry and features to validate design theory and product direction.

  • Game balance owner for Gameplay, making use of community feedback, internal feedback and analytics to inform balance approaches and resolution.

  • Put together all of Core Gameplay's patch notes for every release with the community team

  • Involved in behind the scenes playtests and informing influencers of change and design reasoning behind that.

Acting Lead Game Designer for Characters & Gadgets - Year 1

  • Worked as the Lead Designer for the Characters and gadgets team, leading a team of 3 mid/junior designers.

  • Designed and directed the implementation of 4 characters and traits & 13 gadgets, such as the XM370A and the SPH Grenade Launcher, between release and Season 6 in live service.

  • Collaborated with other crafts like audio, animation, vfx and UI to deliver the cohesive experiences that were well received by the community.

  • Mentored mid/junior designers through craft specific problems.

  • Highly involved in engine, fixing bugs, creating new content and prototypes.

  • Hosted design specific meetings to review progress and resolve problems as a collective cross discipline team.


Game Designer for Characters & Gadgets - Alpha to Ship

  • Designed and implemented all gadget relations to world destruction systems, penetration and damage systems

  • Took ownership of 9 pre-alpha existing characters and traits & 17 gadgets from designers who quit, re-designed and polished as necessary to deliver on design direction and on time.

  • Rapidly prototyping design ideas and features, collating feedback from the team and analytics to inform decision making.

Game Designer for Weapons - Pre Alpha

  • Weapon and attachment design, implementation alongside two other designers.

  • Actively participated in design reviews to iterate on weapon feel and approach on aiming.

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